Registration Closes May 10th, 2019

North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA) is an inclusive statewide alliance working to end sexual violence through Education, Advocacy, and Legislation.  NCCASA is committed to providing support, education and training, and information sharing to advocates and allied professionals on issues of sexual violence. Our diverse membership spans across NC with over 140 organizations and individual members including rape crisis centers, allied professionals, students, and concerned citizens. NCCASA actively advocates at the national and state levels for funding and legislative support for survivor services.

NCCASA as a statewide coalition uses a social justice framework, therefore, our work is done from a strong inter-sectional, social justice perspective. By centering our work around  marginalized communities, everyone is served. Our Biennial Conference was designed with this in mind. This year’s conference will reflect upon the strengths of our past in order to maintain progress into the future. The goal of this statewide convening  is to bring interdisciplinary professionals and activists together to create and enhance partnerships for professional growth. We aim to create a space where attendees can discuss the skills and concepts that will improve their ability to respond more holistically to all  survivors of sexual violence.

NCCASA’s 2019 Conference, Movement and Momentum: The Energy and Strategy to Push Us Forward, recognizes the vibrational shift in our social landscape following the explosion of campaigns such as #TimesUp and the #MeToo movement. We have momentum, but what does this mean for where the movement goes, and who it centers? What can we learn from other social justice initiatives? What do we need to achieve more?